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We meet again, Praha

I was robbed of my Prague experience almost exactly 2 years ago due to a sticky situation involving a 70lb suitcase and perhaps a bit too much alcohol the night before.

Anyway, it’s about time I went back to finish what I started. And what better time than this particular weekend, when one of my best friends (hi Dustin) from my hometown was visiting this side of the pond?

I went into work at 6am that Friday morning – because 1) I wanted to maximize my weekend, and 2) I was just being stingy with my PTO, haha. There’s something nice about being the only one in the office though. No one constantly hovering around my desk, and I can shamelessly play my music as loudly as I please.

After 8 incredibly sleepy hours and no lunch break, I hopped on a bus and took a glorious 5 hour nap. The next thing I knew – I was in Prague.

We had dinner at a random Italian restaurant close to our place, Cicala Trattoria. Looking in, it appeared completely empty and really didn’t resemble a restaurant at all. It was something more like what you’d imagine a grandma’s living room would look like. Before my doubt got the better of me, an old man led us down into the basement, where a very quaint, homey restaurant was nested – the room filled with warm lighting and the hum of soft conversations. And the coolest part (although random), lots of pictures of Morgan Freeman on the wall – and Morgan Freeman makes anything cool. I guess he likes this place.

Later that evening, a series of mistakes (i.e. following a travel guide written in 2003, and assuming nightlife started around 2am like in Berlin) led us to an extremely kitschy bar-club hybrid. Mostly because it was the only place that was still open. We were easily the youngest people there, which is unusual. Fun night, regardless – or maybe it was that extra shot the quirky bartender poured us because he didn’t have change for our bill. (Clever).

The next morning, we managed to lug our hungover bodies to a very cute brunch spot called Café Lounge. After a few glasses of water (much-needed), coffee, and a disappointingly tiny poached egg tartine (delicious though) – we were good to go.






That afternoon, to save ourselves from doing any planning (or really, any thinking in general), we just joined a free walking tour. Walking around Prague feels a bit like walking around Disneyland – in a sad way (not a fan of Disneyland). Prague, being one of the oldest preserved cities in Europe after WWII, sort of loses its historic charm with the floods of tourists and buildings-turned-attractions. Souvenir stands everywhere, caricature artists, English menu restaurants. As as a repercussion of all of that, it’s also a gold mine for pickpockets. I remember clutching onto my bag for dear life as we weaved our way across Charles Bridge, through crowds of selfie sticks and souvenir vendors yelling ‘Konichiwa’ at us.






But, I will admit – Prague is an undeniably beautiful city. The old, rustic buildings, historic theaters and art installations, expansive squares, worn cobblestone roads, and an air of somberness and abandonment (despite the crowds of tourists).




Semi-happy to be done with our walking tour, we headed straight for some beers. In the vicinity was a place called “The Pub”. A beer paradise where you have unlimited beer on tap, built right into the center of the table. Connected to the tap is a touch screen on which you can order even more drinks, and snacks (where conveniently, all prices seem to be hidden). And looming above all of the tables is a huge screen, showing exactly how many liters of beer each table has drunk so far. Oh yeah, this place is dangerous.


Luckily we were tired enough to leave this place before breaking our banks to go home, nap, and refuel for another night out. That night, in an effort to be more “local”, we tagged onto a pub crawl that we had crossed paths with. But after a mysterious 10 minute walk putting forth very much effort to look inconspicuous, we were led to an arcade bar called “Starsky & Hutch”, where a giant American flag was painted across the ceiling and some Rihanna track blasting in the background. So much for being “local”. Speaking of local, we tried going to a bar my co-worker had recommended afterwards, called Lokal, just to find that they had closed right when we arrived. Sigh, once again our drinking attempts have proved futile. So much standing between us and cheap beer! But I guess it’s for the best, I don’t have energy for that kind of life anymore anyways.

We ended up going home and attempted to stay awake to catch the sunrise. I managed to stay awake too, ’til 5:30am. Looked out the window and oh – turns out we were surrounded by buildings and there was no sun within visible range. I guess this is something we should have checked beforehand. But silver lining – it was nice staying up and chatting, that was my favorite part of the trip anyways – the people. Got to meet up with one of my best friends, and made two very cool new ones (Hi Young, hi Eileen!).

The next morning, before catching my bus back to Berlin, I enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Burger King (long chicken, you know the way to my heart). Then another 5 hour ride nap all the way home.

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