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Copenhagen. The city of all my design dreams – from the architecture of buildings to the decorations they’re dressed in, the monochrome color palettes and sans-serif font faces, the beautifully designed bikeways (Google: Cykelslangen), the street art, and even the food is beautiful (see: Aamann’s smørrebrød). Simplistic yet sophisticated design that is refreshingly pure and unexaggerated. What can I say, this place is easy on the eyes.



Behind the beauty is efficient, innovative functionality. Driverless metros that come every 4 minutes, protected bike roadways designed with elevated foot rests for cyclists and intercity “cycle super highways”, a contained, autonomous community of alternative cultures and free artistic expression, and more. On top of that, Copenhagen is an incredibly environmentally-friendly city – the first carbon neutral capital in the world, in fact!

The only downside? Everything here is going to tear up your bank accounts. It is crazy expensive. And to be honest, after living in Berlin, I’ve become quite reluctant to shell out more than 3 euros for a beer, let alone 10! But hey, I’m finally in Copenhagen. So we splurged. We’ll recover eventually.

We stayed at a nice flat in Amagerbro, conveniently located by both the airport and the city center. Public transportation makes everything so easy to get to around here, but really traveling on bike or foot are just as easy. It’s a walkable city, for sure.



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