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May in Berlin has been nothing but great. As the winter starts to make its way out, the days are longer, the skies are sunnier, restaurants are starting to dust off their patio seating, and my boyfriend is in town! And the cherry on top – lots of German national holidays. That means I finally have time to explore the rest of Europe! Which is what I originally intended to do moving here anyways, before my life fell into the hands of my job. Oops.

#1 on my list of travel destinations has been Greece for the past few years now, but I just never found the right opportunity to come along until now. A short, 4 day trip to Thessaloniki. Though only a small part of Greece, it was amazing nonetheless and left me wanting to come back to see the rest of this country. (The views flying above the Grecian islands are incredible. Getting a window seat both ways was one of the highlights of my trip, seriously.)

We took it easy our first afternoon in Thessaloniki, getting to know the city. Strolling along the waterfront never gets old – we did it at least once every day we were here. Along it are restaurants and bars filled with locals, young couples sitting along the edge of the water, a modern but low-key bar situated on the quay with a killer view of the Aegean Sea, and the iconic ‘Umbrellas’ structure standing so brilliantly tall, backlit by the glowing sun setting behind it.




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