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Resuming life in California has been nice. Somewhat monotonous and not particularly invigorating, but still nice. I find myself daydreaming about exploring the rest of the world almost all the time, but I eventually get pulled back by the various (and seemingly never-ending amount of) responsibilities I have here at home. For a while, I was feeling trapped – as if I was living in a bubble that I couldn’t get out of. A little empty, like I had left my heart elsewhere and forgot to bring it with me.

But, it takes time to learn it takes time. The world is so big, and I’m still young. Which means I still have some flexibility and wiggle room – as much as I just want to leave everything behind and jet set around the world. So as I live my day-to-day life here in California, I begin to appreciate the little things here and there a bit more. The weather is pretty much unbeatable, everything is so easily accessible, things are familiar, and well, it’s just comfortable. Life here is the epitome of chill – yes, even in the heart of competitive Silicon Valley. (For me, at least.)

I figured it’s about time I start blogging about my adventures here too.

A couple of weekends ago, I flew down to southern California (what we call socal) for Coachella. This was my second time around, but this year’s lineup was way more stacked.


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